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04:58 pm Graphite IDE Bug #1105 (New): Source file loaded but pane empty
Start a new project
Add font and *existing* gdl files to config; name a new text file.
Click Save
Graide now has ...


11:37 pm Graphite IDE Bug #1103 (New): Stagnant data showing in Rules (and possibly Positions) tab
When I modify the GDL or test data and click the “run text string after rebuild” button, the Passes tab is updated an...
11:36 pm Graphite IDE Feature #1102 (New): Multiple source file navigation keyboard shortcut
For Windows, at least, the "standard behaviour" is that ctl-tab [and shift-ctl-tab] cycle forward [backward] among th...
11:32 pm Graphite IDE Bug #1101 (Resolved): Run Test button should bring up error tab
If my gdl has errors, then:
* When I click the gear icon to "Save files and force rebuild" the error tab is brought ...


03:13 pm WSI AutoTools Wiki edit: Releasing_a_Font (#5)

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