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05:46 am Solid Bug #630 (Closed): Re: crash in SOLID (writing system problem)
Okay, it didn't like any of the .ldml files in that directory. So I renamed that directory to a different name, and ...
05:41 am Solid Bug #629 (Closed): crash in SOLID (writing system problem)


09:42 am Solid Bug #435: Allow for a constraint: "entry level fields may not interrupt sense level fields"
I'm still eager to see if fixing "allowed once without intervening markers" addresses this. I have a feeling it will.
09:37 am Solid Feature #270: Have the installer put Solid in the SendTo menu, and associate .solid file extension
I would also like to be able to drop a database onto SOLID and have it open in SOLID. Would doing this issue accompl...


05:49 am Solid Bug #426: Not even an English writing system exists by default
Beth Bryson wrote:
> 1. Apparently the "eng" problem got fixed along the way... And they have fixed FLEx import to ...
05:46 am Solid Feature #275: a global setting for the encoding of all fields
Cambell Prince wrote:
> I see mixed encoding all the time. e.g. IPA in unicode, vernacular has a hacked font and the...


01:40 am Solid Bug #494 (Closed): different colors for different kinds of error reports
When a marker has a problem, it shows in the righthand pane in red. This is true whether the problem is an encoding ...
01:26 am Solid Feature #343: Add MDF as a mapping, on by default
To be even more specific:
When you double click a field in SOLID, in the dialog that pops up for you to configure ...
01:16 am Phonology Assistant Bug #493 (Closed): Need access to allomorphs
Several users have asked me how to tell PA to access the Allomorph field in FLEx. It's quite important that that dat...


04:05 am Solid Bug #455 (Closed): random crash? On "SuperToolTipWindow"
I got this crash as described in the attached crash report. But when I did pretty much the same thing a second time,...

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