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11:37 pm FLEx Bridge Revision 1666: Merge two heads
11:36 pm FLEx Bridge Revision 1665: Add more localization files
For any language we are going to ship at all, there must be a
FlexBridge.X.tmx file. These skeletons were produced us...


08:54 pm Chorus Revision 2304: Repair a test broken by the last fix
05:40 pm Chorus Revision 2303: Merge NotesBarExtensions -> FlexBridgeBeta
05:39 pm Chorus Revision 2302: Close NotesBarExtensions branch
12:52 am Chorus Revision 2301: Enhance notes bar to display notes about multiple targets in multiple files
Multiple targets are supported by the new NotesToRecordMapping function
Multiple file...


09:13 pm FLEx Bridge Revision 1625: StartInfo.PathName should NOT surround path with quotes
Arguments need them, if they may contain spaces, but the system knows
FileName is the name of just one file. And on M...
12:14 am Chorus Revision 2295: Don't try to update Gecko HTML while containing window is closing


06:44 pm Chorus Revision 2294: Merge ChorusHubWork (and various ancestors) into WeSay1.4
These changes are needed to make WeSay work properly with ChorusHub.


06:45 pm Chorus Revision 2287: Don't set thread pool thread name (does not work on current Mono)

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