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12:49 am VimodPub VimodPub has moved to Github
2016-05-13 This VimodPub project is now maintained on Github - https://github.com/SILAsiaPub/vimod-pub
12:47 am sfmDictionary2web sfmDictionary2web moved to Github
2016-05-13 This 'sfmDictionary2web' project is now on Github - https://github.com/SILAsiaPub/sfm-dict2web
It is no...
12:32 am DFM build environment DFM Project moved to Github
2016-05-13 This "DFM build environment" project has been migrated to Github - https://github.com/indiamcq/dfm-build-env


09:17 am VimodPub Revision 682: vp changes


04:27 pm VimodPub Revision 681: dateformat not needed any more read from registry
04:25 pm VimodPub Revision 680: added documentation
04:25 pm VimodPub Revision 679: changed echo func and updated here
04:24 pm VimodPub Revision 678: commented out echo on
04:23 pm VimodPub Revision 677: added start and end lines for when doing master debug
combined funcdebugstart and functiondebugend to funcdebug


03:04 am VimodPub Revision 676: removed some functions: copyresources copyresoursedifneeded, as handled by ifnotexi...
added notes on depreciated
added handling for different date ordering

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