You're in the wrong place. Head over to http://wesay.palaso.org.


Please see Tips for Testing Palaso Software

You will also want to follow the WeSay User List


RoadMap / Day-to-day progress

See the WeSayTrello Board

Currently, we are working on bringing WeSay 1.4 to Linux + other improvements.

Bug Reports

Reports can be entered in http://jira.palaso.org/issues/browse/WS. They can be entered there via email by sending to .

Continuous Build System

Each time code is checked in, an automatic build begins on our TeamCity build server, running all the unit tests. Similarly, when there is a new version of some WeSay dependency (e.g. Palaso, Chorus), that server automatically rebuilds WeSay. This automatic build doesn't publish a new installer, however. That kind of build is launched manually, by pressing a button on the TeamCity page. This "publish" process builds WeSay, makes and installer, rsyncs it to the distribution server, and writes out a little bit of html which the WeSay download page then displays to the user.

Source Code

To get the source code, you'll need Git. Windows users, grab msysgit. Then from a command line, give this command:

git clone https://github.com/sillsdev/wesay where-you-want-to-put-it

You should now have a solution which you can build using any 2010 edition of Visual Studio 2010, including the free Express version. We could help you do it in VS 2008, if necessary.

Now, what revision should you be on? If you're not familiar with DVCS (Distributed version control), this could be a big stumbling block. I hesitate to give advice in this document in case I forget to update it. But a reasonable start is to update to the tip revision, which is the most recent one that anyone has checked in, regardless of which branch it is on. To update to the tip, do:

git checkout master

It will avoid some complications if you do that now, before adding the dependencies which follow.

Coding Standards

Palaso Coding Standards

Getting up-to-date libraries

Some of the dependencies are very large, and others are updated frequently. For both of those reasons, you can't just pull the code and expect it to compile. First, you will have to do some extra work to get WeSay's library dependencies up to date.

1) Palaso Libraries

Get binaries of Palaso libraries from http://build.palaso.org/repository/downloadAll/bt32/.lastSuccessful/artifacts.zip. This is really the latest, so don't be disheartened if there's some API change which WeSayhasn't updated to yet. We keep them in sync generally, but a few times a year they may be out of sync by a day or so.

Where do they all go? The palaso libraries that bloom uses can be found in lib/dotnet. You'll be replacing old ones.

TODO: how to update Chorus.