User documentation

Making Formatting Objects PDF from XML data.

07/08/2013 02:23 pm

VimodPub documentation in progress (epub)

07/08/2013 04:44 pm

diglot-draft in four steps for Paratext

09/24/2013 05:01 pm

Place these unzipped file in your c:\My Paratext Projects\cms folder.
Then restart/start Paratext and look in the Checking - Paratext 6 Checks - Diglot menu. There are four steps in making and cleaning up the diglot=draft scripture.

It is only intended for one book of the Bible.

InDesign ePub to USFM

12/03/2013 02:52 pm

This sub project is for converting XHTML files unzipped from an ePub file and generating USFM files.

The XHTML files should be placed in the project1 folder.

Vimod-Pub Command Documentation

09/02/2015 12:34 am

A listing of commands used in Vimod-Pub. Showing the parameters each uses, and its dependencies.