Various Inputs Mutiple Output Digital Publishing

This is a set of files that can fairly quickly create various publishing outputs from one source. This tool set is aimed at publishers doing digital publishing. The working format is XML. Input formats could be SFM, XML or XHTML or other structured input.
The outputs could be XHTML, ePub (indirectly), DictionryForMids, PDF (PrinceXML or WkHtmltoPDF, one day maybe FOP), web pages, static page web app, Smart phone hybrid app content.

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Manager: Ian McQuay

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VimodPub has moved to Github
Added by Ian McQuay 12 months ago

VimodPub and Cordova/PhoneGap used to make hybrid Bible apps
VimodPub scripting used with Cordova/PhoneGap cli to make hybrid Bible apps, sourced from Paratext USX files. Simplehtmlscr is the name of the process.
Added by Ian McQuay almost 3 years ago

VimodPub project started
The project aims to make available an open XML publishing tool chain.
Added by Ian McQuay about 4 years ago

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