Smart & Simple Backup for Language Development Workers

Downloads and more information is available at the project's web site, http://myWorkSafe.palaso.org

Software Developers

Source Code

To get the source code, you'll need Mercurial. Windows users, install TortoiseHg. Then from a command line, go to where you keep your development projects, and give this command:

hg clone http://hg.palaso.org/safe

You should now have a solution which you can build using any edition of Visual Studio 2008 or 2010, including the free Express version.

Getting up-to-date libraries

We update our common libraries almost daily, and those would put a serious strain on our source code repository, so we rarely check them in. That means you have to do some extra work to get myWorkSafe's library dependencies up to date before it will compile. The easiest thing is just replace the dlls in the myWorkSafe/lib directory with those from installed version of myWorkSafe.


Developer: Daniel Glassey, john hatton