This add-on provides a menu of tools for linguistic writeups and other documents written in lesser-known languages. It reads XML files from FieldWorks, Toolbox and Phonology Assistant. Other features include Data Conversion using SIL Converters.

OOLT is moving to https://extensions.libreoffice.org/extensions/lingtools. Source code is at https://github.com/jkornelsen/OOLingTools.

To install, download the oxt file below and double-click to open it. The Extension Manager should open and install the add-on. For more detailed installation instructions and version history, see README.txt

Download latest version: LinguisticTools-2.9.1.oxt (643 KB) released December 2015

Help is available from the menu, or you can download it separately here: Linguistic Tools Help.pdf (503 KB)

If you need to remove the Linguistics menu and are having problems, use RemoveLingMenu.oxt (only 2 KB)

Technical Notes

The .oxt file is a zipped file. Feel free to unzip it to see how it works. This extension relies on using a pythonpath folder to allow layered design.


Manager: Jim Kornelsen