LiftTweaker was written to prepare a Papua New Guinea lexicon (koluwawa) for printing. The program prepares "tweak files" which can be applied to a LIFT file to produce subsets of it for different publication targets (e.g. Children's, Categorized by semantic domain, technical, vernacular). It does this by allowing the lexicographer to selectively remove some things from the dictionary for each kind of target publication. This includes removing unnecessary "see also" links to nearby words, and removing words based on parts of speech, so that she can publish proper-names as a separate section of the dictionary.

This program was written in a hurry, without our normal quality-assurance techniques. It was written for a single project. However, since there is nothing else like it at the moment, I've made it available here. Use at your own risk ;-)

You can get more information on the LIFT dictionary format here.
Other programs which use LIFT include:

FieldWorks Language Explorer (editing through import/export)
Lexique Pro (creation of desktop, web, and print dictionaries)
SOLID (conversion of Standard Format to LIFT)
WeSay (native editing)

If you find this useful, or would like to see it do more, please let me know (hattonjohn <take this out> at gmail com).
This is of course open source software.


Manager: john hatton