GAFAWS is a .Net (C#) implementation of Joseph E. Grimes' 1983 work entitled Affix Positions and Cooccurrences: The PARADIGM Program. Grimes' original implementation was written in PTP.


The core GAFAWS code has been used by the parser in FieldWorks for a number of years. There is a GUI interface that allows users to convert data from various formats, so it can be fed into the core system for analysis. The results of the analysis are then displayed in an internet browser.

Grimes' book describes two kinds of analysis: 1) positional, and 2) co-occurrences. (See Part One: Morphology of the book for details. Requires Adobe Reader) Positional, co-occurrence, and basic component subgraph analyses are currently supported.

See: LingTranSoft to review the program or vote on it.

Supported input formats

Download version 2.0 RC1 here.


Requires .Net 3.5 (released version).
Requires .Net 4.0 (latest).

To get the code, install Git, and do

git clone https://github.com/sillsdev/gafaws.git

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Manager For Read Only Repo: Andy Black, Randy Regnier

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2.0 RC1 released
First release candidate of version 2.0 of the GAFAWS Position Analysis program.
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