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SIL International publishes "International Illustrations: The Art of Reading", as a DVD with a 3rd-part commercial image library program. They have agreed that the prose license on that DVD is consistent with Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives license, and thus that we (who also work for SIL, but that's irrelevant) may distribute them with that license. This project consists of batch files which
1) Embed copyright and license information into those images
2) Converts the images to png (the originals are tif, which aren't so we-friendly)
3) Places a small amount of text in the corner of each image, identifying it as SIL, Art of Reading, and the license
4) Renames the images to start with "AOR".

All of this is done with the intention of aiding both automated and visual auditing of the images by those seeking to ensure that a document complies with intellectual property laws.


Manager: john hatton
Developer: Daniel Glassey