Chorus: Better error messages

Added by john hatton over 5 years ago

When getting a project from the internet, Chorus now detects several common server error messages, and emits user-understandable messages.

These include the following scenarios:

  • Authorization (got the account or password wrong)
  • Project isn't where you think it is
  • Something is keeping you from talking to the server (usually a firewall)
  • The server itself is feeling sick.

Chorus: Chorus now can merge LDML (Writing Systems)

Added by john hatton over 5 years ago

Randy Regnier has implemented basic LDML merging to Chorus. LDML is a standard for defining writing system definitions. Within SIL/Palaso, LDML (Unicode Locale Markup Language) is used by FieldWorks and WeSay. The current implementation doesn't attempt to merge collation rules.

graphiteng-dev: version 1 released

Added by Martin Hosken over 5 years ago

Graphite2 has been formally released at v1.0.0. The only changes with previous beta versions are a slight modification of how and when the bidi pass is called and whether an application wants the bidi pass to run.

graphiteng-dev: Android support

Added by Martin Hosken almost 6 years ago

This package is the binary build of the android Graphite integration including a sample app with java source and binary libraries to link against. This package works on android 2.2 - 2.3.3 (API levels 8-10).

Chorus: 4 Apps now using Chorus

Added by john hatton about 6 years ago

LiftBridge is a plug-in to FieldWorks Language Explorer which allows FLEx users to Send/Receive dictionary data with other FLEx users and WeSay users.

Chorus clients are now LiftBridge, WeSay, OurWord, & OneStory Editor. Randy Regnier is now working on the ambitious "FLExBridge" which will allow FLEx users to synchronize all of their FLEx data, including interlinear texts.

GAFAWS: 2.0 RC1 released

Added by Randy Regnier over 6 years ago

The 2.0 release of the GAFAWS Position Analysis program includes support for processing source data in one of four different formats:

  • AMPLE's ANA style output file
  • A plain text file with data in the prescribed format
  • FieldWorks 6.0 (and lower)
  • FieldWorks 7.0 New

Besides the addition of a new data input format, 2.0 also includes support for the remaining 2 areas of functionality from the Grimes book. These areas are:

  • Cooccurrence Analysis New
  • Component Subgraphs New

Chorus: Blog moving

Added by john hatton over 7 years ago

The Chorus blog, where all the closest thing to documentation eeks out, has moved here:

Chorus: Using Chorus to download a project from the internet

Added by john hatton over 7 years ago

Chorus: Using Chorus to grab a project from a USB drive

Added by john hatton over 7 years ago

Chorus: How to use the Chorus Synchronization Dialog from .net apps

Added by john hatton over 7 years ago

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