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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned to Updated Target version
1346 XLingPaperFeatureNewNormalSplit tables and figures into separate output files04/21/2016 05:06 pm
1345 XLingPaperBugNewNormalZotero conversion creates annotations without any annotatedBibliographyTypes04/15/2016 07:10 pm
1343 OneStoryFeatureNewHighAutoUpgrade project, AutoUpgrade Class04/01/2016 05:53 am
1342 OneStoryBugNewNormalillegal characters in path Exception03/31/2016 04:52 pm
1341 XLingPaperFeatureNewNormalAllow more than one style sheet to be associated with a document03/30/2016 06:11 pm
1340 XLingPaperFeatureNewNormalAdd a way to parameterize use of ' and ' or ' & ' in author names03/29/2016 04:13 pm
1337 XLingPaperBugNewNormalCan get a letter on a citation date when should not in a chapters in collection document01/27/2016 09:42 pm
1336 XLingPaperFeatureNewNormalAllow front and back matter elements to set first paragraph to no-indent via style sheet12/08/2015 04:40 pm
1335 XLingPaperFeatureNewNormalAdd check for validity of xml:lang value in the list of language codes12/07/2015 06:06 pm
1333 XLingPaperBugNewNormalNon-style sheet transforms insert a non-breakig space between the section label and section number10/26/2015 10:42 pm
1332 XLingPaperFeatureNewNormalAdd appendixRef label options like we have for sectionRef, figureRef, and tablenumberedRef10/06/2015 06:40 pm
1331 XLingPaperFeatureNewNormalAllow contents to be in back matter via a publisher style sheet10/03/2015 04:32 pm
1330 XLingPaperFeatureResolvedNormalControl free translation wrapped line indent10/01/2015 05:26 pm
1328 XLingPaperFeatureNewNormalCreate custom command to sort references by author09/16/2015 08:54 pm
1327 XLingPaperFeatureNewNormalAllow counter element in th elements and control how the numbering is done09/16/2015 05:07 pm
1326 XLingPaperFeatureNewNormalAdd ability to use content control to determine which lines of an interlinear text should be in the output.08/31/2015 09:13 pm
1321 XLingPaperFeatureNewNormalCreate XLingPaper references style sheet based on a CSL file05/11/2015 05:16 pm
1320 XLingPaperFeatureResolvedNormalMake a way to have a list of ISO 639-3 codes used in a document with links from the code to the list; include a language name (via language/langName)08/17/2015 05:12 pm
1318 XLingPaperFeatureNewNormalCheckout XMLmind Word to XML Tool to convert Word docs to XLingPaper format03/30/2015 08:18 pm
1316 graphiteng-devBugNewNormalsegfault using graphite within cmptxtrender03/24/2015 05:47 pm
1315 graphiteng-devFeatureNewNormalCalculate LibreOffice pre-context in the compilerSharon Correll03/23/2015 03:19 am
1314 XLingPaperFeatureNewLowContent control in page size layout of publisher style sheet04/10/2015 06:32 pm
1311 graphiteng-devBugNewNormalCollision avoidance does bad things with spaces in the text01/23/2015 08:19 am
1310 graphiteng-devBugNewNormalLibreOffice: Grahpite doesn't compile on windows 64bit02/04/2015 08:43 am
1307 SolidFeatureNewNormalAutomatically detect edits from other programs10/18/2014 04:38 am

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